When I started with Wholistic Transformation Coach Alyssa Poggioli, I was struggling with my ability to trust in the value I have as a coach because I was doubting and judging myself for all the things I haven’t done or think I don’t know. I was holding myself back from stepping into my truth because I was afraid to be seen. Then I had the opportunity to work with Alyssa and I could feel a mindset shift immediately…. just with one session. Alyssa helped me see my worth, accept my value and let go of self judgement. Alyssa held the space for me to explore my deepest fears around being a coach and starting my own business. She took me through a series of powerful questions that unlocked my fears and opened the door to possibility. I am finally ready to step out boldly as a coach, knowing my value and worth. I have truly come into my own. I feel empowered and emboldened to fully commit to my purpose and mission. She helped me tap into this confidence and passion that has been smoldering and simmering inside. Alyssa reignited my fire and I feel like there is nothing I can’t do!
– Wanda

I came to Alyssa for help because I felt exhausted and trapped. She allowed me to connect the dots between mind-body-spirit through her varied techniques. From goal setting to establishing anchors to talking about sabotage and how it affects the choices I make. This journey has made me curious, which was the incentive I needed to open up and try new things. I like the way I see myself today and am now on track to allow myself the joy that was lost somewhere inside of me. If you feel like you are in a rut and are not sure where to turn, take this opportunity to look inward and let Alyssa provide the accountability needed to step into a new version of yourself.
– Martin

When I first started working with Alyssa, I quickly learned that true transformation meant understanding the relationship between mind, body and lifestyle. Through our sessions together, I had three great a-ha moments. First – there is no coincidence. Getting a grip on that was the first step in creating real change. As I started this discovery, I had to look at root causes for my actions to understand the impact it played in my choices; that lead to acknowledgment. Right or wrong, I learned to acknowledge the choices I made and the results of those decisions. And lastly, one of the most important things I’ve taken and implemented is anchors. What are those things in my life that ground me and get me back on track? Anchors bring me back and help me to maintain the new life I have created. Alyssa’s coaching style helped me breakthrough my everyday challenges. I can now apply practical strategies that nourish me inside and out; allowing me to live the life I want.
– Darren

Mind-body-spirit – I needed to refocus my energy and Alyssa held me accountable to do just that. I found those opportunities to practice mindfulness and think about the importance of food and exercise in my daily life. I got real with linking their impact to how they make me feel. Most importantly, I learned to let go and stop worrying about things that are not physical. I have such better awareness of who I am and am proud to acknowledge that I am a strong and powerful woman. Thank you, Alyssa, for teaching me to celebrate the small accomplishments and to build on them every day.
– Laurette

It’s okay for me to put myself first – that was key to my transformation. With Alyssa’s help, I’ve become much more self-aware; from eating to stress to the power of my mind. I took this opportunity to understand the habits I’d fallen into and changed those things that would serve me better in the long run. I make time for myself – to exercise, to cook and prepare food I enjoy, to getting a restful night’s sleep, and doing the things I want to do. Alyssa held me accountable to the goals we set in our first conversation, and we had great conversation along the way.
– Beth

Alyssa possesses a unique natural ability to connect with people. Alyssa has led me through a series of practical and actionable exercises which were geared towards changing bad habits and transforming them into positive habits. Alyssa held me accountable for the transformations, yet embraced who I am and what I was accomplishing in a heartfelt, nonjudgmental way. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to transform their life for the better.
– Jay

Working with Alyssa is such a great gift! Alyssa creates an environment that allows you to feel comfortable and free from judgment. Her patience, understanding, and ability to connect with her clients is just remarkable. Working with Alyssa has provided me with fresh perspectives and approaches in all facets of my life, which is enabling me the power to find the better version of myself.  Each day I am able to celebrate new wins and wash away unnecessary noise thanks to what I have learned from Alyssa.
– Kristina

It was my great fortune to attain the services Alyssa Poggioli provided as a group exercise instructor, health club manager and personal trainer. Having stressful workloads with a hectic travel schedule, I naturally inclined to deprioritize my health and fitness requirements. Alyssa assessed my status and helped me set realistic goals within a reasonable timeframe. Her method of seamless integration into a fitness regimen morphed into an enjoyable lifestyle for me. She has a unique grace to motivate her clients by providing passionate and personalized coaching to achieve premier results. Alyssa is a genuine and trustworthy health coach.
– Abhik

I have known Alyssa for almost 4 years now. When we first met, she worked at the fitness center of the business I worked for. Back then, I could barely keep up with a 45-minute fitness class or run 1 mile. Alyssa kept me trying to improve my fitness level. She suggested not just fitness but lifestyle changes. Alyssa helped me to incorporate fitness as part of my life not just something I did like a chore. She got me started down the path of running and being more healthy. Her advice and encouragement has always been helpful to me. Atfirst, my goal was to complete a 5k race. From there, Alyssa gave me encouragement to continue and I have since done a 10k, a 10 miler, a half marathon and finally, I ran the Chicago marathon.
– Jim

Alyssa is awesome! I have known her for five years as both a friend and a fitness instructor. She is a great listener, motivating and down to earth but most of all, she is just fun. Alyssa is very caring but she is also very honest – I believe these are both characteristics that will make her a tremendous health coach.
– Sara

Alyssa is a determined, loving and loyal daughter. Growing up she was active in sports, music, church, farming and helped during community work days. She applies dedication and takes pride in the quality of work and/or services she provides. Alyssa chooses to lead by example in both professional careers as well as personal lifestyle. I am still in awe of her commitment to the people she touches and have had the privileged to meet some of her clients when she was participating in runs, triathlons, 1/2 marathons, and my heart fills with love and pride when I hear them tell her they could not have changed things in their lives without her encouragement, perseverance, positivity, and determination. She does not give up on you and can change lives. She already has for many. Alyssa is an inspiration to us all.
– Gwyn