Private leadership coaching

3 Month Mindset Uplevel

Get clear on your vision; uncover what your blind spots are and what’s preventing you magnifying your leadership.

9 coaching conversations are conducted virtually using Zoom, lasting 60-75 minutes in length. 

We work in 3 weekly sessions and the 4th week allows you to integrate the work.  Recordings of each session are available to you for your own personal use.

Additional support between calls is provided on a platform called Basecamp which allows conversations, projects and action steps to continue via instant message, text or video.

The goal is to remove your ego and align to self, so you can become clear on where you want to go next in your leadership style. This partnership is not only for you to achieve your goal(s), but also have them turn into new habits and behaviors which is the real transformation and growth.

You will learn what fulfillment is for you; take ownership in what you are creating in your company, the culture and your world. As well as discover how to sustain the leadership upgrade you create during this experience. This is where success will arise.

Being a leader is not a demand, it is a choice. Make a wise one.

Culture, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Programs

Your culture begins with your company vision, not your goals and objectives. By focusing too much on goals and objections you create disconnect and disengagement from your employees, and ends up costing your company substantially.

Culture creation and leadership transformation occur best through internal-external partnership. 

You bring your vision and objectives for your people and work. I bring a focused perspective, neutrality, and passion for your people and work.

Together we leverage resources to create a more inspired, engaged and connected culture. 

Collaborative cultures can experience:

  • increased team performance

  • improved wellness and work-life balance outcomes

  • greater client satisfaction and stronger relationships

  • enhanced organizational responsiveness and agility

  • highly engaged workers, eager to take on new projects and challenges, and embrace change

Program options include:

  • Meditation Workshops

  • 4-week | 4 weeks of video content | 2 leadership calls

  • 8-week | 6 weeks of video content | 3 leadership calls 

  • 12-week | 9 weeks of video content | 4 leadership calls

    • In-person introduction workshop to connect and gain insight to provide clarity on creating a customized program

    • Self-driven program that includes health, life, leadership and mindset coaching. 

    • Individual and small group interactive workshops are offered alongside video content, depending on employee size

    • Program participant questionnaires are required to be completed after each video

    • 20-min laser coaching conversations can be added on